Writing About Global Issues

Issues are problems that affect many people in a society. They can be global or local, such as poverty, discrimination, mental illness, or violence. These issues require attention from governments and individuals around the world in order to resolve them. Writing about these issues is an impactful way to spread awareness and consider different solutions.

Corruption: Corruption can be a barrier to eliminating extreme poverty, boosting shared prosperity, addressing climate change and other global challenges. Addressing corruption requires reform and better accountability systems.

Health: The global health issue of poverty and lack of access to healthcare is a major problem for many countries around the world. Poverty and lack of health insurance can contribute to disease, especially in developing countries, where the majority of the world’s poor live. Access to health care and affordable medications are important for people’s wellbeing.

Water: Although there is enough fresh water for every person on the planet, many people don’t have access to it. Water scarcity is a global problem, and it contributes to disease, hunger, pollution, climate change and other problems. Poor infrastructure and displacement due to conflict also cause water shortages.

Politics: Political polarization is a global concern, as evidenced by the Brexit vote and election of Donald Trump in the U.S. Some groups work to promote a more collaborative political arena.

Sexism: In the United States, women continue to lag behind men in wages and top leadership positions. This issue is a problem worldwide, where inequalities in gender roles can lead to abuse and other problems.