What Is News?


News is a medium of communication that presents current events to the public in a timely manner. This information is usually conveyed through print media, broadcasting and the Internet. News articles should contain only facts and not personal opinions. They should follow the inverted pyramid format, presenting the most critical information first and then providing more detailed information as the article progresses. Whenever possible, quotes from individuals who are familiar with the topic should be used to provide readers with different viewpoints on the issue.

The things that make the news are those that have a major effect on people, either on a large scale or in a small group. Weather, political situations, stock market crashes, natural disasters, and economic issues all fall under the category of news. The death of a famous person or celebrity is also considered to be news. News articles may also serve a social function by exposing corruption and wrongdoings in society.

While the purpose of news is to keep the public informed, it can also be entertaining. Many people have strong opinions about what is important to report and who should be quoted in the news. Some even have a favorite newspaper or television news program they turn to when they want to hear about the latest happenings. Whatever your perspective, it is important to understand the role that the media plays in our everyday lives and how to distinguish good journalism from bad.