The Importance of News


News is information about events, issues and current affairs that are important to a society. It is a vital part of democracy and provides the means to inform and engage citizens. It is often said that a free press is the oxygen of democracy and it is certainly true that democracies cannot function without it.

What makes something newsworthy is a combination of factors, including: magnitude (ie how big or small an event is), proximity (ie did it happen close to home or involve people from the community), controversy and prominence (ie did someone famous get involved) and currency (ie does the story generate a lot of discussion or interest).

The main purpose of News is to keep the public informed about current affairs/events that have a direct effect on them. Generally speaking, national newspapers focus on events that affect the majority of the population. However, they also cover noteworthy international events and sport.

When writing a News article, it is important to remember that the article should be factual and not contain any opinions from the author. This will ensure that the article remains impartial and does not cause offence to any members of the public. The writer should also aim to follow the inverted pyramid structure when outlining the article. This ensures that the most important information is seen first and draws the reader in. Using primary sources to gather information is highly recommended, especially when reporting on an event that has the potential to be controversial.