How to Choose a Topic for Your Essay


If you are a writer, activist, or simply interested in social issues, writing about them is an important way to make your voice heard. Writing an essay about these problems can help raise awareness and inspire action towards a solution. However, there are many factors to consider when choosing a topic for your article. Personal interest – choosing a topic that relates to your own beliefs and passions can make the writing process more enjoyable and lead to a more compelling argument. Research – selecting a topic that has adequate information and research available will ensure that you are able to fully address the issue in your essay. Manageability – ensuring that your essay can be adequately addressed within the limits of your assignment will enable you to produce a well-structured and focused piece of writing.

In addition, the term ‘issue’ is used to describe a problem or difficulty, particularly an embarrassing or discrediting one: a business executive who has been accused of fraud may be said to have issues, and a person who tends to pick fights might have anger management issues. While this usage is sometimes criticized as being imprecise or euphemistic, the majority of Usage Panel members find it acceptable.