Writing About Issues


An issue is a subject or problem being debated or discussed. The phrase is often used to refer to problems that affect people personally, such as an addiction or mental health challenges. It can also refer to a topic that is being debated in the news, such as climate change or global terrorism. Informally, people sometimes use the term to describe a person’s emotional struggles: “He has his issues.”

When writing an article about an issue, it’s important to choose a topic that will interest your audience. It should impact their lives or spread relevant information. It’s also important to consider what type of audience you are targeting: children, students, adults, seniors, businesspeople, etc. Ultimately, the goal is to help them make informed decisions about the topic you are writing about.

Your article should be clear and concise, and include all necessary details to support your argument. In general, it’s best to write in the active voice and present your points clearly and logically. Using multiple examples to illustrate your point is a good way to keep readers engaged. In addition, you should be sure to cite all of your sources in the text. This will help readers verify your information and ensure that you are not making false statements.

If you’re writing a troubleshooting article, your main goal is to provide readers with steps they can take to resolve an issue. Typically, these articles will focus on one specific issue and offer steps for fixing the problem. For example, if an email doesn’t reach its destination, your article might list four processes by which you can fix the problem.