What is an Issue?


A point or matter that is subject to discussion, debate, or dispute: economic issues. Also:

An article in a magazine or newspaper that contains information on a particular topic.

To be of value, an article must offer genuine insights or new data that has not been widely published before. This will establish the writer as a reliable source of information, and encourage readers to return for future articles on the same or related topics.

The article must also be readable and understandable by the intended audience, such as children, teenagers, middle-aged people, business people, or service class people. It must contain information that is pertinent to the interests of that group, and should be written in a tone that will appeal to them.

A person or thing that has a problem or difficulty, especially a serious one: The company’s financial problems are its biggest issue. A person who picks fights is said to have anger management issues. This usage of issue is sometimes criticized as imprecise or euphemistic, but it has gained wide acceptance in the past decade.