What is a Motorcycle?


A motorcycle is a motorized two-wheeler designed to carry a rider and, sometimes, a passenger. It uses a gasoline engine that converts reciprocating movement into rotary motion and then drives the back wheel via an axle. A transmission system then turns the rotary motion into linear motion to move the bike forward. Riding is accomplished by using the handlebars to control the front wheel and leaning the body in different directions for stability.

Compared to cars, motorcycles have very high engine power outputs for their size. The smallest designs, called mopeds, use very small engines that are typically air-cooled. The biggest designs are often four-cylinder, liquid cooled and can produce lots of peak horsepower. They can also be fairly heavy, but good handling and clutch control can overcome that.

Motorcycle design varies greatly to suit many purposes. These include long-distance travel, commuting, cruising, sport (including racing), and off-road riding. Motorcycles are usually classified by engine displacement, with larger bikes grouped into street and racer categories.

Safety is a major concern for riders. The latest models come equipped with a variety of systems, such as traction control that can keep the rear tire from sliding in turns. But the best safety system of all is you, and the more you ride and take training courses, the better you will become as a biker. You will never be as good as you could be, so it is always a good idea to keep learning and attending classes.