What Is a Motorcycle?


A motorcycle is a two or three-wheeled motor vehicle steered by handlebars from a saddle-style seat. They are a great form of transportation that is much quicker than cars and can get you to work in less time. They are also fun to ride. There are many types of motorcycles for different uses. Some are geared towards racing, others are geared for touring or commuting. There are even some that can be used for off-road riding. These are called dual purpose or dirt bikes.

The first motorcycles were steam powered. The Michaux-Perreaux steam velocipede was built around 1868 and the American Roper steam velocipede was constructed in 1896. Both vehicles were ridden in fairs and circus shows. But it was not until the 1969 road movie Easy Rider starring Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda that motorcycles really became popular. The film’s images of freedom and rebellion helped to fuel a motorcycle culture that continues today.

It’s important to remember that motorcycles are not for everyone. Some people have poor judgment or lack coordination, and their reactions are often slow. Alcohol and drugs (even some prescribed medications) can seriously affect your balance, throttle control and ability to shift gears. These factors can increase the risk of a motorcycle accident dramatically.

For these reasons, it is always best to be alcohol and drug free when riding a motorcycle. This will improve your judgment, coordination and ability to respond quickly to the actions of other drivers and pedestrians.