What is a Hobby?


A hobby is an activity done in free time that gives enjoyment and can be a creative outlet. Hobbies may involve collecting items, participating in sports or activities, working on creative projects and many other activities that people are able to choose and pursue. They can be both casual where there is no regular commitment or serious where there is a significant investment of time with a specific aim in mind.

A person’s hobbies often change over time as they discover new interests and passions. Hobbies can help people to relax and decompress and they are also a great way to socialize with other like-minded individuals. Hobbies can also provide a creative outlet and help to build skills that can be useful in a career. They can also be a way to make money from a skill or interest that a person has.

Choosing a new hobby can be difficult and it is important to find one that fits in with a person’s unique strengths, needs, personality and other factors. Hobbies that match a person’s unique characteristics are more likely to be enjoyable and will have the highest chance of success. There are a number of assessments available that can help a person to identify their key interests such as the Strong Interest Inventory or Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

It is possible for a person to earn income from their hobby and in some cases it can be tax deductible. However, this should be carefully considered as it is important that a person doesn’t become dependent on the income from their hobby and this could impact their ability to work in their normal job.