What Are Accessories?


Accessories are the small yet vital finishing touches that can take a outfit from nice to fabulous. These can include hats, scarves, belts, gloves and eyewear. They can also include a bold cuff or necklace that adds drama and interest to an otherwise simple outfit.

They can also include the right handbag to compliment an evening gown or a casual shirt and jeans. The accessory cabinet of every woman should be well stocked with these items that can take any look from basic to beautiful and elegant.

Accessory is also used to describe a person who aids in the commission or concealment of a crime. This is different from an accomplice because the accessory does not have to be present at the actual act of the crime but can aid in the planning, preparation, or execution of a crime.

The most important accessories are those that speak to a person’s individuality and personality. They are the small touches that allow someone to express their style and taste and show others something about them that they might not say otherwise. They are also the small touches that can brighten up a day and make it more enjoyable. When choosing accessories, people should keep in mind the occasion for which they are buying them and choose those that will best suit the occasion. For example, a wedding or formal event requires more elaborate accessories than a business luncheon. Additionally, some accessories are seasonal and should be purchased according to the weather.