Understanding the Fundamentals of Technology

Technology is a hugely influential part of both our personal and professional lives, so understanding how it works is essential. It is important to note that the word ‘technology’ has different meanings to various people and, therefore, the term can be interpreted differently depending on context.

Almost every aspect of modern life has been impacted by technology. It has transformed travel, work, shopping and entertainment; allowed devices to be smaller, lighter and more versatile; and facilitated the storage of and access to vast amounts of information locally or remotely.

The technology that is used in the workplace has become essential to businesses who wish to stay competitive. Technological advances allow companies to develop new products, services and processes; and to connect with customers in ways that were not possible before. In addition, the global nature of business means that technical innovations can also result in new national imports/exports and globalized business opportunities.

Incremental technology focuses on making smaller innovations to existing technological aspects. This type of technology is often less noticeable and more affordable than revolutionary technological advancements. However, it is still significant as it can improve the overall quality of a product. Examples of incremental technology include upgrading software versions and releasing security patches.

Students need to be taught how to use technology to prepare them for their future lives in a world where the use of computers and the Internet will be integral to both their professional and personal lives. By using technology in a creative and engaging way, teachers can help students understand the fundamentals of how technology works.