Types of Relationships

Relationships are a big part of our lives. They can be close and intimate, or distant and challenging. They help make up our social support network which is essential to our physical and mental health. Different types of relationships can be positive or negative, and they all require some level of commitment and effort from both parties.

Intimate relationship – an interpersonal relationship involving emotional or physical closeness and may include sexual intimacy and feelings of romance or love. Intimate relationships are interdependent, and the members of the relationship mutually influence each other.

Friendship relationship – an interpersonal relationship that involves mutual trust, affection and support. Friendships can be platonic or romantic, and they can involve any type of interaction. Friendships are generally positive and mutually supportive, and they can be a great source of enjoyment and meaning in life.

Codependent relationship – an unhealthy romantic or platonic relationship where one or both partners are emotionally dependent on each other and the bond is not healthy or genuine. Codependent relationships can be dangerous and damaging to the individuals involved, as they often result in resentment and self-hate.

Casual acquaintance – an acquaintance is someone you may pass in the halls or say, “Hello,” but you probably don’t talk to them often or have any expectations for how they relate to you. They are people who help you feel connected to the outside world, but they aren’t your real friends.

Committed relationship – an intimate or platonic relationship that involves an explicit or implicit agreement of exclusivity, honesty or trust. Committed relationships can be a dyad or a triad and may last for years or even forever.