Motorcycles – A Fun Way to Get Fit and Enjoy the Outdoors

Motorcycles have a unique power-to-weight ratio, making them faster to accelerate and shorter to brake than automobiles. They also have a gyroscopic effect that improves stability and allows leaning, which enhances turning ability. They are often referred to as “top-heavy,” but good clutch and throttle control can overcome this concern. Weight placement is also important, with modern four-cylinder motorcycle engines typically sloping forward to lower the center of gravity.

Many people use motorcycles to get around town and commute to work. They can be a lot of fun to drive and offer a sense of freedom not available in cars. But even if you aren’t using a bike for transportation, it’s still a great way to enjoy the outdoors and stay fit.

One growing trend that started pre-COVID, and continues to thrive today, is the rise of small-displacement motorcycle options. These bikes are designed to be ridden with a regular driver’s license, and they give perspective riders a variety of choices that weren’t available in the old-school, bigger-is-better American market a few years ago.

Cruisers are another popular option for new and experienced riders alike. These bikes are primarily designed for cruising, and they usually have a low seat height. They can be a great option for people looking for an around-town motorcycle, and with the right luggage, they can make for excellent weekend road warriors as well.

Before heading out for a ride, be sure to check all your gear, including your helmet and riding jacket. Always practice safe driving, especially at intersections. Be sure to come to a full stop, view traffic from multiple directions and signal your intention to turn. This can help prevent pile-ups and crashes that involve both motorcycles and automobiles.