How to Write an Issues Essay That Inspires Change


Issues are like a cosmic web, connecting countless lives worldwide. This article helps you understand their intricacies and significance while equipping you to create a powerful social issues essay that inspires change.

The term issue has multiple meanings, all of which are related to the act of sending out or putting forth something: a political candidate’s statement on a hot-button topic is an issue; a magazine has an issue; and the post office issues new stamps. The idiom “He’s got issues” means that a person has trouble coping with his or her feelings and is having problems that affect his or her ability to function in a normal manner.

When writing about a social issue, it is important to research the problem thoroughly and find out as much as you can from a variety of sources. This will help you form a well-rounded understanding of the issue and allow you to share a diverse range of viewpoints with your readers.

Some writers may feel compelled to include solutions in their essays on social issues, while others choose to focus solely on the problem and its impact. Which approach is best will depend on the structure and overall focus of your essay. For example, if your essay asks you to address the question why nothing seems to be done about problem X, then providing specific solutions will be essential to your argument. However, if the prompt asks you to explore what life is like in a city with problem X, then focusing only on the challenges and hardships will be more appropriate.