How to Play Online Poker

Poker has always had a bit of a dubious reputation as being something that was played in dark, smokey back rooms for cash but online poker takes it and cranks it up to the max. Now you can play at some of the world’s most famous sites on desktop computers, laptops and even phones. And you can play for as little or as much as you want to.

When you play online poker you’re playing against other people that aren’t physically in front of you so it’s important to pay attention to what they do and don’t do as you play. For example, if someone checks it means they don’t want to place a bet and have no intention of acting on any cards they may get. You also have to be able to tell when they are bluffing by looking at their body language and how their betting patterns change over time.

Once you’re logged into an online poker site and have verified your identity (typically by sending in a government issued ID) you can add funds to your account. This is usually done in the cashier section and will require you to select an amount of money to add and then follow the instructions on screen.

Many players, especially those that are serious about improving their game, invest in some of the best poker training courses available to them. These courses typically come in video format with an instructor walking you through sample hands and various statistics that can help you make better decisions at the tables.