Business Services

Business services

Business services are the activities and actions that help a company without supplying a tangible product. It is a large part of the commercial world and includes many sectors such as marketing, production, cost and customer service.

Business process services are a type of business service that is offered to companies and individuals by third parties. They offer a wide variety of business process support to help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively.

The business services industry is a major component of the European Union economy and contributes to 11% of GDP. The EU Internal Market legislation and policy actions aim at stimulating competitiveness and removing obstacles in this sector.

Employment and job losses in professional and business services

Professional and business services employ a total of 10.8 million people. These services are provided by firms, public institutions, and the private sector.

Employment in this industry is projected to grow by 2.8% per year through 2023. This is less than the average rate of growth for all industries.

This sector offers a variety of jobs and career paths. You can start your career with a big company and work your way up to a higher position or you can start your own business and build it from the ground up. The options are endless and the salary ranges can be very lucrative for those starting out.