Adding Financial Services to Your Offerings With Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Einstein

Financial services are economic services related to finance provided by the banking, insurance, investments, and real estate industries. They play a crucial role in the economy by lending money to businesses and individuals, which then allows them to purchase more goods and services. As a result, this industry is often a leading indicator of economic strength and stability.

The financial services industry is diverse, with everything from hedge funds to private equity to credit card companies and digital wallets. It encompasses a variety of other subsectors, including mortgage brokers and underwriters, investment services (such as securities firms and brokerage houses), and accounting and taxation services. It also includes consumer finance, which is composed of mortgages and loans, as well as debt management services. Finally, it includes payment processing, credit-card network services, and currency exchange and wire transfer services.

Providing a financial service can be challenging, but it’s important to have clear goals in mind for both your company and customers. Start by assessing your customer needs and the complexity of their financial situation. Do they need a onetime consultation, or do they require ongoing advice and wealth management?

Adding financial services to your offerings can help you diversify your revenue streams and build brand loyalty. To do this, you can leverage Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Einstein to deliver personalized and relevant recommendations to your customers. For example, Spar Nord used Einstein to deliver a consistent experience across channels by automating the process of approving new lines of credit and providing customers with exclusive deals on their debit or credit cards.